Since 1976, Celtic Sea Salt® Brand Sea Salt has developed a reputation as one of the finest sea salts in the world. Artisanal crafted, sustainably hand-harvested and flavorful alternative to refined salt.
Celtic Sea Salt® Brand sea salt is authentic, unprocessed whole salt from pristine coastal regions of the world. Our salt is certified Kosher by the Atlanta Kashruth Commission. Celtic Sea Salt® Brand sea salt contains a higher percentage of mineral-dense natural brine (sea water). This bio-available high moisture content naturally lowers the amount of Sodium Chloride found in our salt.
As one of the most popular salts in the world, Celtic Sea Salt® Brand is a healthy and delicious sea salt, sold in hundreds of natural food stores throughout the world, including well-known natural supermarkets like Earth Fare®, Whole Foods® and Vitamin Cottage®.
The Celtic Sea Salt® Brand continues to develop new accounts with proprietors and manufacturers who are looking to align their image with the growing natural foods market.