Welcome to My Message Book
We have created a special method that enables human beings to leave their most intimate thoughts and feelings to the ones they leave behind, as well as for future generations.

My Message Book provides a unique approach that allows loved ones a comforting gift to cope with the grief and sorrow associated with someone's passing, also helping the user to process through their own experiences.

We have worked with doctors, cancer researchers, psychologist, Hospice workers, and funeral homes to create My Message Book, a product that helps those who are planning or preparing for their own passing, and indeed everyone else, write letters to the family members and friends they leave behind.

My Message Book is a book, an organizer, and a workbook that helps people through
the writing process by offering writing suggestions, tips and storage for letters to be delivered after your passing.  Designed to help with the writing  process and organized to keep everything in one convenient place, My Message Book is a tool no family should be without.

Words From our Customers:

As a cancer survivor I have had to confront my own mortality. This book is a wonderful tool that is sensitively and thoughtfully presented to help me sit down and organize my thoughts that I want to share with my loved ones, and to begin to organize my practical matters. It was like having a good friend guide me through a very difficult task. I would recommend this book to anyone. It is a burden off my shoulders to think "everything I need to say" has been said in My Message Book to those important to me. I know my family and friends will appreciate it too and give them comfort and a deep connection to me.


As I await my destiny, thoughts run through my mind of those I leave behind.  How can I tell them that I love them so, that I am sorry, or just what their acts of kindness meant?

My prayer as been answered with My Message Book, this tool is packed with ideas of writing.  Thoughts of whom you may have forgotten to leave a letter too.  A place to write your own thoughts, joys and sorrows to be shared long after you're gone.  Now, I feel peace because now I have something that I know will be passed on to those I love and cherished in my life time.

I. Wolf