Change Clothes is the first apparel brand with a crowd-source philanthropic agenda. Our company exists to not only change the outlook for one individual cause, but to give our customers and community the opportunity to have a say in where we take action.

We operate with a local focus in various cities around the country, so our community can see the difference they are making right in their own backyards (ex. Change LA, Change NY, Change SF etc.). Upon purchasing apparel, our customers get to submit a cause they would like to see supported in these areas.

At the end of the month, our community votes on what cause they want us to make contributions to, and Change Clothes takes action. Our goal is to have a diverse array of philanthropic causes we're supporting monthly, countrywide.

Change Clothes also has partnered with various notable personalities to produce apparel that will support causes that are important to them. Through the strength of our vision, we plan on partnering with additional celebrities in the entertainment, sports, and digital arenas to bring quality apparel with a worthy cause behind it.