Writers and poets looking for a stage to showcase their work to a wide audience have been given the perfect platform with the launch of a new site dedicated to promoting Canadian literary talent.

Chapter & Verse  (www.chapterandverse.ca) showcases the works of emerging authors, poets and feature writers, who may or may not have been previously published.

Writers may post samples of their works or promote their books for free. For unpublished writers, it offers a chance to be noticed by book houses and publications looking for new talent. Unlike portfolio sites, writers are not charged for promoting their work.

The site welcomes news, updates and event announcements for inclusion on the website which is updated every Monday.

Contributions of original work may be uploaded to the website by the copyright-holders using an easy-to-navigate submission form. Submissions may include book excerpts and artwork (.jpg and .gif images).

The website offers a host of features, including designated sections for News, Poetry, Prose, Fiction and Non-Fiction works, Book Reviews and an Events Calendar. It also features Useful Links and articles on creative writing, inspirational themes and ‘how-to’ information.

The website will shortly launch a new section called ‘Featured Author’.  This will provide authors and publishers with a dedicated page / site to promote their books, CDs and DVDs across Canada for a nominal charge. The site will offer a secure Paypal option linked directly to the author / publisher.

The editorial team includes Archie D’Cruz, Publisher; Cheryl Antao-Xavier, Literary Editor; Frederick Rocque, Editor-At-Large; Maria Meindl, Honorary Editor; Saskia Maddock, Honorary Guest Editor; and Hector Arcadian, Honorary Youth Editor.

Chapter & Verse was launched to promote Canadian literature,” says Archie D’Cruz, Publisher of C&V. “We hope to create a stage for writers to connect with a wide audience and influence the development of Canadian writing. Whether they’re established or emerging writers, we have just the platform for them to catch the eye of publishers looking for new talent.

"Our aim is to develop this website into a highly user-friendly Internet forum for Canadian literature by making it inclusive and accessible from the grassroots of emerging talent.”

Please visit the Chapter & Verse  website for details, and to discover the featured sections.