ASSAP, LLC dba Connect to Higher Education Electronic Tools, Application and Help (CHEETAH™) is the manufacturer of plush and stuffed toys, backpacks, bouquets, and complementary printed materials such as books, puzzles and board games. We are a provider of specialty gifts, toys and promotional items.

The company was incorporated in 2005, but was on hold, or operated on a part-time basis, for several years while the owner completed law school or worked full-time. Throughout the years, the company evolved from an online college application process to the current product and services.

As advocate for children, CHEETAH™ seeks to entertain, educate and inspire children and their caregivers. Via “La Chase the Cheetah™ and the BagofBaggins, the animated characters of CHEETAH™ who live on BagofBaggin Island©, we provide the tools that create CHEETAH CUBS (Children Understanding the Benefits of School).

Our tools include proprietary plush and stuffed backpacks (often with music), plush dancing and singing toys, books, puzzles, song, audio CD, mascot, and our puppet. The company’s tools coupled with enrichment programs within schools, among other things, are the vehicles used to deliver our message of a “no-excuse attitude” towards learning.

Community involvement, especially within our schools, is an ongoing initiative that we take seriously. CHEETAH CUB© is used to describe a human kid, at heart, who is:

1. Leaving a positive mark in school or the general community;

2. Making a positive name for himself/herself;

3. Persevering; and

4. Achieving excellence, despite obstacles.

The organization is a Certified Minority Business Enterprise, a 100% woman owned business and EDI Compliant with the capability to mass produce and ship large quantities for stores within North America. We welcome small orders, and all our products may be customized to fit your individual need(s). Our products have been tested by an independent designated lab and comply with all applicable federal and state safety standards including ASTM, CPSIA and Proposition 65.

Do business with us and you will experience direct manufacturing savings, unparallel customer service and superior products. Contact us today!