The Chocolate League is written through the collaboration of two brothers, who have amazing ideas about what kids consider fun. We all work very hard to put together funny stories that are unique and interesting to read.

As our series progresses we welcome our readers to offer us ideas on stories and send in images that illustrate their favorite times with The Chocolate League. If you are lucky, you might see your image or story in a future book!

About the Authors:

Rah Humphrey is a fun kid who enjoys baseball, football and science. He helps with story building, editing and image approval. He is very excited about TCL and came up with the idea for our current International Give-away promotion.

Jahi Humphrey is a sweet boy who loves to snack and play fun games outside. He helps with story building and illustrations. Jahi is very creative and came up with the TCL name.

Book 1: No Park, No Sparks

Book 2: Double Dog Dare Ya

Book3: Pranksters


Media Contact:
Leslie Martinez