Community HousingWorks (CHW) is a nonprofit that has spent the past 30 years helping people and communities successfully move up in the world by providing opportunities to own, rent, and achieve. Own - CHW ownership programs include unique nonprofit realty, lending, and coaching services that help working families buy their first home. Rent - To provide everyone the stability of a rental home, CHW builds and owns attractive affordable apartments. Achieve - CHW offers distinctive opportunity programs in financial fitness and money management, education, and community leadership. Through these activities, CHW reaches over 8,000 people a year, helping individuals, families, and neighborhoods move up in the world.
CHW has been recognized for nurturing self-reliance amongst residents, and developing beautiful, environmentally-friendly, and safe homes that San Diego’s families can afford. With over 1,500 rental and cooperative apartments available and almost 600 more currently in progress, CHW has become a nationally-recognized role model for affordable housing construction and management. The organization can be found online at www.chworks.org.