In our time in the professional world as well as our experience interacting with small businesses we have repeatedly come across two issues that entrepreneurs regularly face. This seems unusual and unacceptable given the recent explosion in business and communications technology. The first issue is the difficulty for a business to stay connected and share documents efficiently. Even established and fast growing small businesses rely on suites of different applications to accomplish their day to day operations. The list of systems could include email, instant messaging, file management, time management, and expense management. The second issue facing these businesses is the management of off-site talent as well as overhead. Many small businesses don’t have access to people beyond their local geographic location. Starting or running a business requires substantial upfront investments in office space, hardware and utilities.

CliffRose's new unified communications platform Entrada is designed to simplify enterprise systems by wrapping them up in one easy to use tool. Entrada takes project management, file management and performance management and wraps it up within an easy-to-use interface backed up by powerful software. The entire suite will be browser based which will immediately eliminate compatibility and platform issues for the end user. Entrada’s Project Manager is designed to allow entrepreneurs and employees the ability to collaborate on projects in real time. The project manager provides the power to centralize their communication and data providing the entire team with up to date information. All projects feature a timeline where all information about the projects development is listed. Update posts, updates to files, changes to project goals and delivery dates are all wrapped up in one clean design allowing everyone even new recruits to get up to speed quickly. Tasks are available and can give projects even more depth by incorporating their own budgeting and scheduling. In addition the project manager lists all available files related to the project allowing team members easy access. Additionally, it incorporates a notes system and financial manager. Entrada’s finance manager allows managers to set budgets within projects and let’s employees log hours and expenses against projects. Managers can monitor a projects performance with ease and in real time. It also enables the manager to inspect a projects’ financial performance and provides him the status of a project, whether it’s on track, over or under budget. This enables the manager to make the required real-time decisions to ensure the project’s success and profitability. Entrada’s file manager gives an easy place for all of a client’s files to reside. The file manager is designed to look and feel just like a desktop file system. The File Manager allows files, folders, right clicking, and drag and drop features. The file manager also makes it easy to stack file versions making it easy create and manage file versions. The file manager ties seamlessly into the project manager by creating specialty folders for every project in the system. Lastly, Entrada also provides a post-project management tool. When clients complete a project, it is important for them to be abatable in their entirety. This is useful for review, reference, audit or planning future projects. Entrada’s archiving system makes it easy. When a project is archived, Entrada will automatically move all of its data and associated files and places it in the archiving system. All information about past projects such as team members, finances, and project files are kept safe and intact for future reference. Entrada is designed with the web application framework Cappuccino. Cappuccino allowed us to create a powerful web application that mimics the power and complexity of traditional desktop applications within the web browser. Entrada also incorporates Python and MongoDB. These tools allow Entrada to expand quickly and smoothly in a lateral fashion as demand grows. All of our hardware will employ back-up and failover procedures maintaining users access to their data and maximizing uptime.