Clout Et Cetera was founded by Jude L. Gorgopa in 2001 based on over 20 years of diverse international expertise. Among her hundreds of clients, she has worked with the self-employed, small business owners, not-for-profits, professionals & individuals in transition at any age, sales teams and companies seeking more meaningful and inspiring training programs while providing the resources, guidance, and reinvention tools for change from the inside out. Jude has been dubbed 'The Reinvention Consultant' by her clients and associates alike. Her services include individual coaching, award-winning sales training, seminars, plus articles, eBooks, a blog, and a talk radio show. Other essential coaching & training services include creating a powerful & memorable first impression online and in-person, developing an authentic personal style brand, defining your own meaning of success and improving your communication skills.
It's a new world out there. Are you ready for it? TM