Aspiring screenwriter, Cobraman Creator, Michell Archibald, wrote Cobraman Movie script in 2007. In 2008, Michell, modified the movie script to address bullying after her daughter, Phily-Lexxy, fell victim to bullying. Years passed before, Michell, realized how serious the bullying epidemic is. In 2014 Michell made a conscious decision to dedicate her life to end bullying.

Using Cobraman as a poster boy, since 2014 up until now, our sister website is used as a platform to spread bullying awareness, log bullying complaints and sell anti-bullying merchandise to schools and the general public. Please visit our sister website (formerly cobraman.ca) for more information on Cobraman anti-bullying games, merchandise, contests, quizzes etc.

Having worked in the head hunting business for three years (2004-2007) Michell understands the challenges in Recruitment & Selection. Factor in the fact that bullying cost businesses billions yearly along with those countless workplace bullying complaints filed on our sister website since 2014 — this drove Michell to create a line of bully screening services and Cobraman.org was born! We are a small energetic team dedicated to ending workplace bullying.

BULLY SCREENING SERVICE: Created to deter bullying in the workplace. Hiring personnel may run bully background searches on job seekers 7 DAYS FREE OF CHARGE.

COMPANY SCREENING SERVICE: Created to deter workplace bullying. Job seekers may run bully background searches on companies FREE OF CHARGE.

BULLY BACKGROUND CHECK CERTIFICATE: This service may in fact help job seekers land a job and provide hiring personnel with an advantage over the competition.

Cobraman Anti Bullying App will be available in Google Play Store September 2019.