Available in 38 languages to members coming from 109 countries, Colnect offers collectibles collectors unique services unmatched for by others in the niche.

Colnect's extensive collectibles catalogs, created in a wiki fashion by members of the community, provide the base for personal inventory management and easy matchings for swaps. Community services such as ratings, private messaging and forum are also available.
The project is supported by dozens of volunteering collectors.

ColNect (collect + connect ==> colnect.com) is a comprehensive online solution for collectors of mass produced collectibles (stamps, notes, coins, baseball cards and so many more) revolutionizing their collecting experience by allowing them to manage their personal collection online and be a part of a designated community.
colnect.com provides a Web2.0 style (user contribution based) comprehensive collectibles database. Users can create their swap and wish lists using the database and easily coordinate a swap with other collectors whom they are unable to meet. The database is expected to replace most (if not all) printed catalogs by providing more up-to-date information.
colnect.com is a multilingual site and using translated versions of the site would allow users to swap collectibles with other collectors who don’t speak the same language.
colnect.com provides much-needed community services such as ratings (so you know who you can trust), friends (to keep in touch with), forums, and news.