Description or Purpose: Compost windrow turner is reliable, efficient, economical, low-maintenance, and long-lasting. Extra-hardened, replaceable steel blades are uniquely positioned on the drum to allow for complete blending right to the base of the windrow. Material from the outside is brought inward and from the bottom to the top forming a peak position, allowing the windrow to have a chimney effect for CO2/oxygen flow. Windrow Turner is ideal for small to med farm, municipal and industrial composting. Larger models are available.
Operating Principles: If managed properly and turned sufficiently at appropriate times, rich, quality compost can be ready in as little as 6 weeks. Efficient composting gives you the tools you need to grow more abundant, high quality produce and have a safer healthier environment. Hydraulics allow the tractor to fit snug against the windrow. The drum is designed to aerate all the compost and create a peaked windrow allowing for maximum air flow.
Additional Information: Composting waste is much more efficient when the compost windrow is allowed to breathe. Turning outside or in an open ended building allows for more air exposure. The waste must be exposed to sufficient oxygen in order to increase aerobic microbial activity. Turning the windrow stimulates the micro organisms which break down coarse organic matter. It is important that the windrow is turned frequently and efficiently. Turn farm waste and other material into natural fertilizer or soil conditioner; this composted matter is far more effective and cheaper than Chemical fertilizer. Best way forward to gain organic certification.