Dr. Therese Rowley, CEO of Accelerated Alignment and Founder of The Conscious Business Network, is a professional speaker, educator, intuitive and consultant in the areas of Conscious Business and Social Impact.

Her work in leadership development and large scale change in Fortune 500 and small companies spans three decades. As a skilled intuitive, healer and innovative educator, Dr. Rowley accelerates clients' transformation.

The Conscious Business Network - Discovering Life On-PurposeTM is a community of business leaders and professionals committed to fostering integrity and transparency in the marketplace.

Our mission is to facilitate personal alignment, conscious community, and organizational integrity through a unique blend of intuitive, social, emotional and business insight.

We work with company leaders and conscious investors to align their values with their work. We support high impact business decisions through intuitive intelligence.

Through education as well as energetic and intuitive work, we also support youth with intuitive gifts and skills, who are often misdiagnosed as learning disordered. We believe many of these children are our future leaders.