Conscious Living Center is a spiritual learning community much more than it is a “church".  Our intention is to create a place so safe that you can relax into your personal relationship with the God of your understanding, whatever that looks like to you. We respect and welcome people from all religious backgrounds, including those that are agnostic and atheist.

Here you are welcome exactly as you are, no matter your gender, color, sexual orientation, disability, age, size or level of sobriety. You will find acceptance without judgment whether you are celebrating a success, questioning a life circumstance or grieving a loss. Our Sunday messages deal with real-life situations as we investigate solutions together. Our classes, workshops and events provide the tools necessary to live a fulfilled and balanced life. These tools are designed to bring about a greater awareness of your own spiritual magnificence, inviting you to get involved in life in ways you might never have thought possible. It’s amazing what happens when you hang out with spiritually like-minded people!