The Content Marketing Wizard is a comprehensive collection of tools, templates and manuals to guide you through the entire process of Content Marketing. It uses the Google Apps platform, making it very easy to collaborate with others. Purchase of the Content Marketing Wizard grants you access to all tools, templates and manuals.

Additional requirements: you need a Google account. A free Gmail account suffices, but a Google Apps account is recommended.

The Content Marketing Wizard consists of 10 steps, revolving around two key concepts:
- creating the Plan - Audience Creator
- creating the Content - Story Creator


Entrepreneurs Ronald Kloots and Arno van Boven have over 40 years combined experience providing IT solutions for Small Businesses. Coming from the field of CRM they have in-depth understanding of business processes and how technology should facilitate and augment those processes.

In recent years we have witnessed the emergence of cloud-based services and social media and their impact on Small Businesses.

Ronald's experience with online marketing combined with Arno's technical expertise make Content Marketing Wizard a strong partner to help Small Business make use of these emerging technologies.

Mission Statement

From 2006 onwards, we recognized that with marketing would take a dramatic turn. Old-school marketing simply doesn't cut it in a connected world, where online business is becoming  increasingly dominant.

We noticed that:
+ Businesses who have used trusted, old-school marketing strategies for years have recently seen a decline in results of those marketing efforts.

+ Businesses are reluctant to break ties with traditional Marketing Agencies, that they have often had long relationships with, and take matters into their own hands.

+ Businesses often have little idea how to adapt their old-school marketing techniques to the new online possibilities.

+ A surprisingly large number of businesses do not measure the results of their marketing efforts, making it hard for them to know what works for them and what doesn't.

+ Businesses are good in selling products or services, but are not equipped to supply valuable information to their targeted audience. In other words, they often have little idea how online marketing is different from traditional selling.

+ Businesses do not realize how to use social media as a source of leads even without using online advertising. They do not realise that online advertising is actually quite old-school.

+ Businesses are intimidated by the rapidly changing online playing field, with new possibilities springing up all the time. They have neither the know-how, nor the time to invest in exploring them.

A lot of Small Business Owners we have talked to over the years have expressed the following frustration: Online Marketing is right there at our fingertips, but what will work for me? Where do I start? I do not have the know-how nor time to figure it all out! I have a business to run!

Our mission is to help get business started with online marketing. Not by telling them what we think they should do and then leaving them to it. And not by doing it for them.

We strongly believe in the old saying “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime” We want you to learn and do online marketing yourselves. It is our mission to make the fishing as easy for you as possible.