Owners Andy and Kelly Cook have been working together on art, music, and literature since they met in 2010. Since that time, together they have curated and participated in numerous art events, authored and published books, recorded two CD’s, and traveled the world performing music. Cook Studio & Gallery is where Andy and Kelly combine their passion for the Arts and their community.

Andy Cook is a native Louisville artist who produces various forms of fine art, music, and poetry. From an early age Andy knew he was an artist and can draw and paint anything he sees. He is a professional welder with over twenty years of experience; his metal work spans between homes in San Diego California with  Skyhook, to his current metal work with Pohl Iron Works, to his metal sculptures and high end functional art with Reclaimed Elemental Design. Andy has displayed his artwork and music internationally, along with producing numerous public murals and sculptures.

Kelly Cook is a cosmetologist by trade and has worked in salons across the nation. She has a degree in English Literature and Humanities and is a published writer, editor, and musician. Kelly has performed in many events worldwide relating to art, music and the protection of the environment. She also has extensive experience curating art shows and organizing fundraisers and events.