The information technology advancement in recent years has been changing almost everything in our personal lives.  Going forward, technologies such as blockchain and AI will create even greater disruptions. However, the way of professional lives still remains quite stagnant. Coowa is a community for knowledge and information sharing among professionals and a marketplace of equal-opportunity for all businesses. Technology-driven fairness and trust is the cornerstone of the future society and economy.


The iron rule has always been: more money you have, more money you make; more knowledge you have, more money your employer makes. Sadly, knowledge has always been for hire at far discounted rate. What is needed is an environment where the value of one’s knowledge can be better recognized.

Established large companies have much more resources than young and small businesses, and are on the center stage receiving most attentions. The significant differences in culture, time zones, and physical locations all add up to the barrier isolating suppliers and customers. As the result, majority of the market are monopolized by small numbers of players. What is needed is a marketplace of equal opportunity for all businesses.

Solution – Professional Community and Marketplace

A community for knowledge and information sharing among professionals will turn professionals from isolated individuals into a networked talent force.  With information, knowledge, and opportunities readily available through community connections, professionals will have increasing chances to be freed up from exclusive employment contracts and begin to share or own the rights of their work and get a fair share of the value of their work. The market monopolization will be dismantled gradually as the sharing economy brings a fair ground for all businesses and pushes the economy towards decentralized model.

Rewarding Community:

Today’s information tech giants have made tremendous values through collecting their user data and harvesting on the value of their user community, yet they do not share their fortune with their users. That is unfair and won’t last as decentralized autonomous technologies advances. Coowa is a professional community for knowledge and information sharing, and commits to reward its contributing members based on their contributions to the community.

Since a large crowd of professionals naturally attracts businesses and have enormous economic value, Coowa also offers a marketplace in addition to its community to bring businesses and opportunities right to the community members.

Coowa rewards its contributing members through a Point and Token system.  Members will earn Coowa Points for their contributions, including sharing knowledge and information, publishing articles, participating forum discussions, giving reviews on products and services, and assuming roles in the community. Earned Coowa Points will be converted to Coowa Tokens annually.  Coowa founders, investors, and people assisting Coowa development in various ways beyond the community activities will receive Coowa Tokens based on their contributions. All Coowa profit-share will be among Coowa Token holders. Professionals will, for the first time in history, be rewarded for sharing their knowledge and opinions with and making contributions to their own community and the public.

Trusted Marketplace:

Consumer products have shifted from brick and mortar stores to online platforms.  However, simply imitating the existing online consumer model won’t work for industrial products because much more stringent requirements are necessary. The quality authentication requirement for industrial products creates a unique challenge for an online marketplace catering to businesses in the industrial space.

To be a trusted platform for quality products, Coowa requires verifiable business and quality system information from the manufacturers or their authorized channels, and Coowa quality-assurance team may conduct on-site audits at its discretion.  Coowa will be the first trusted platform for industry products.

Effective Marketing & Sales Venue for All:

Being a gathering place for large numbers of professionals in the industry, Coowa naturally becomes an obvious place for businesses to promote their products and services with all-time global exposure. Manufacturers and service providers, big and small, will be able to market their goods and services to potential customers and channels worldwide right at their fingertips.


Coowa is going to be a community of professionals and a marketplace of products and services in electronics industry. Coowa rewards professionals for their contributions to the community and provides a fair and trusted marketplace for all qualified suppliers.