CORRAL stands for "Centered on Riding, Rehabilitation and Learning." Founded in 2008 on the belief that every broken life can be made whole again, we strive to provide quality healing and academic intervention to the kids who need it most. We intentionally seek to serve girls age 11-18 in our local community who are court involved, have the highest risk factors and the lowest resources. As of August 2018 we have served a total of 256 girls through our primary program, the Riding Academy. This long term intervention requires a minimum one year commitment, and each girl has the opportunity to re-apply upon successful completion of that year. Girls receive tutoring, equine assisted psychotherapy and vocational training. high school juniors and seniors also receive college prep curriculum.  Our short term program, Join the Herd, allows girls and their caregivers to experience the program over a 12 week session. They are then invited to apply to the Riding Academy or one of our referral partners in the community, depending on what is best for each girl. The goal is to shepherd young women through the difficult middle and high school years in a safe environment during after school hours, until they graduate and hopefully matriculate into college.