Carole Sutton

About the book

A detective with a conscience, a woman’s betrayal and a powerful businessman with a sinister secret are some of the intriguing characters in Carole Sutton’s debut thriller set around the Fal Estuary in Cornwall in the 1970s.

Angela Dupont is missing. Despite the absence of a body, blood smears inside Steven Pengelly’s boat convince Detective Inspector Alec Grimstone that he has apprehended her murderer. But when Angela’s fresh body washes up two years later, Alec is shocked to discover he has convicted the wrong man and the killer is still out there. Steven, released from jail, is determined to find where Angela has been these last two years. He teams up with a woman searching for her missing sister.

Alec and Steven’s separate investigations take different routes. When they arrive at the same destination, circumstances force old enemies to work together to solve the mystery as another vibrant young woman goes missing.

About the author

Reared in the beautiful county of Devon in England, Carole’s earliest memory is of the Exeter blitz in 1942. In the 1960s and ‘70s she and her husband raised their family in Cornwall, built their own boats and sailed the English Channel. In 1981, the family migrated to Australia. Rawlhouse Publishing of Perth published her first book, Gus, Sore Feet — No Collar in 1995. Since then Carole’s passions have turned to crime fiction. Her years of sailing experience in Cornwall enrich this novel with an authentic nautical flavour.

Media Notes
*   FERRYMAN was shortlisted for the Dundee International Book Prize 2007

Published by YWO/Legend Press UK. The publishers will donate part proceeds from the sale of this book to 'SightSavers,' -- an International charity fighting blindness