CRISPx is a brand innovation agency founded in 1992. In addition to creating award-winning brands, products, and marketing campaigns, we have also incubated startup companies including G8 Brand clothing for gamers, AViiQ travel tech accessories, and Fotobit modular photo frames.

Since 1992, CRISPx has been headquartered in entrepreneurially spirited Newport Beach, California, where our powerhouse team of talented strategists, producers, and designers are passionate about building brands and growing businesses. We are focused on having a deep understanding of your company, your customers, and your competitors to allow us to create trust relationships with your brand. We have worked across a broad spectrum of industries and specialize in Consumer Electronics. Clients include: XFX, AViiQ, Nvidia, AMD, G8, FATA1TY, Tecmo/Koei, UC Irvine, SeedIP, Hitachi, ECS, L337, HTC Vive, Honeycomb, CyberpowerPC, Syber VR gaming PC's, and EVGA gaming PC components.

With a proven track record of launching technology products in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Latin America, and North America, CRISPx has earned a reputation for transforming commoditized products into powerful global brands. The key to our success is our commitment to servicing our clients via our proven 3-step process: Think. Create. Grow.™