The Person

Fresh out of college I was diving deep into Corporate America. Working full time in marketing, coordinating the youth worship team at my church, and traveling across the globe. Somewhere between two years ago and here my plans changed.

The Dream

After many nights spent at 35,000 feet, hours spent picking coffee in Honduras, days spent hiking the Andes, weeks planning the Christmas Project, and months spent in Africa, one desire became unmistakingly clear. A desire to use my business experience to empower people. To create opportunity. To deliver compassion. To make a difference.

The Potential

The one constant I found in my world travels is that people seek opportunities to rise, to be empowered. In Honduras we will create economic opportunity for entire communities to be lifted out of poverty. In the USA we are sourcing our shirts to keep our manufacturing capabilities going! We're in a unique position to do good at home and abroad.

The Causes

Our global initiatives are about creating economic opportunity and delivering compassion. We commit 20% of our profits to changing the world and building a better tomorrow. We're working with our production partners to create high quality products. In addition, we're working with our global partners to create opportunities for people to earn fair wages and to gain access to critical life resources.

The Reality

CrossWordsUSA has continued to evolve and refine in to what you see today. From hand screening shirts on a folding table to transforming communities in Honduras, this dream has never been more real. We look forward to continuing our existing relationships, as well as developing new global initiatives. Together lets create opportunities for economic empowerment and deliver compassion to the world.