Dale Rogers Training Center, Inc. (DRTC), is the oldest and largest community vocational training and employment center for individuals with disabilities in Oklahoma. With seven locations in Oklahoma, Dale Rogers Training Center, Inc. trains or employs 1100 people a year. DRTC supports people with disabilities through paid vocational training, in-house programs and work opportunities as well as competitive community employment.

The citizen who has a disability is an individual human being, deserving of opportunities for learning, for development and for contribution. Dale Rogers places the person first, focusing on their interests, skills and abilities, while always treating the individual and their family with dignity and respect.

All individuals with disabilities have unique strengths and capabilities. With the widest array of programs, training and work opportunities for individuals with disabilities in the state, Dale Rogers Training Center provides training that is specific to each person’s needs. With an average tenure of more than 14 years, Dale Rogers’ management is the most highly trained, professional and certified staff in any work center in Oklahoma.

Life was much simpler in 1953. When parents of children with disabilities founded Dale Rogers Training Center, they were glad to have created a safe and caring place for their sons and daughters—even if it was in an old farmhouse. Fifty years later, their vision of happy, independent children becoming proud, self-reliant adults is a reality. Dale Rogers Training Center has evolved into an advanced, progressive complex offering education, training and employment opportunities for more than 800 teenagers and adults annually. Today Dale Rogers Training Center is the oldest, largest and most innovative community agency of its kind in the Southwest. While celebrating the past 50 years, Dale Rogers Training Center is also looking to the future in order to build on its legacy of success.