DaRousso is a small and young brand, established in 2008. It made its kick-start at the Athens Xclusive Designers Week by winning the Best Catwalk Award with Dusanka Duric as a designer and moving force behind the DaRousso name. Ever since DaRousso is evolving and growing into a name which stands for innovation in terms of design approach and its mission to give deeper meaning to fashion. ​

DaRousso is operating according to the FAIR TRADE policy, supporting small local producers and local economy. Furthermore, the design approach takes in consideration the negative side effects of the production process in fashion industry and aims to find more eco-friendly solutions in order to minimize those side effects and make fashion production less harmful to nature and to human.

DaRousso supports the ZERO WASTE design approach and by pioneering prototype cut designs reduces the production waste to zero which means maximum usage of material and almost no waste.

DaRousso is first to introduce NEW TECHNOLOGIES and smart clothes to Greek market. Using advanced scientific knowledge in design represents a new generation of clothes, which, thanks to NANOTECH, have better performance and meet demands which regular clothes can not. DaRousso currently uses technologies on demand, such as dirt proof, which allows clothes to repel stains and dirt without them being stiff and uncomfortable ( no plastic, just plain cotton and other fabrics that were unimaginable to do so). This technology allows the reduction of washing up to 79% which reciprocates in less water pollution and energy consumption, but furthermore it increases the life and quality of the garment. Besides dirt proof, DaRousso garments may offer other smart tech solutions such as antimicrobial, UV protection and other, to suit the modern lifestyle and meet the demands that regular garments can not and certainly are proven to be perfectly safe and have not been tested on animals.

DaRousso puts great effort in designing fashion which follows and not fashion which is followed. In each collection the design gamma covers different range of bodytypes and responds to different demands and different people. It is becouse DaRousso believes that beauty comes from within and have little to do with our physical features. This is why the aim is to create clothes that are better in performance, comfortable, easy to wear, liberating and not body restraining.  Being able to feel and look good but still be yourself is very important and represents a more HUMAN APPROACH TO DESIGN.