Author/Writer Self-Help

Dawn Bunch's books are about Love, Empowerment, Self-Help, Motivation, Inspiration and Liberation. Not only will her books help enhance the readers consciousness, they will raise the readers awareness level to help them identify their lifes purpose. She has identified her purposeful journey toward her greatness to be.  As she continues to raise her own awareness, it is her higher state of consciousness that allows her to connect with the Universal Laws; as they govern her life.

Her books convey a simple yet profound message of clarity and steps to improve your way of life, by connecting with your higher self, through meditation and affirmations. When you come to know your true self as loving being in perfect condition for your good, you will begin to see evidence that the Universal Laws of life will never falter or waver. Dawn's intentions are to help those attracting this information and seek transformation in their lives. She feels that Love is our true essence of who we truly are. When you begin to believe in the power of this universe and that we are all the full recipients of a hurricane of grace; it will become evident that your mind, body and soul will be in that place of blissfulness and completeness.