We Help customers find the best possible supplier for their required goods. Most of the sourcing we do is generally from China, however we also have suppliers around the globe for various other products. Quality is the most important part when sourcing a new line of products followed by the costs and service.

At dealit.com.au we will help our customers by firstly conducting a feasibility assessment to make sure that importing any product is worth their time and effort, this is a 100% FREE service.

Once we have come to the understanding that it will be worth your time and effort (99% of cases are a positive result) Then we will proceed to get a higher understanding of all the finer details of the customers requirements, so that we can ensure the project is successful.

Q. Many people ask why they should use a Professional Product Sourcing Service?????

A. Well it is true that anyone can import product from anywhere, But at what price? and at What Quality??? And with who will you be dealing with??

The Benifits of using our service is this:

1. Dealit will conduct a thorough search of the appropriate manufacturers that meet your product requirements.

2. Our Staff in China and Hong Kong Know and Understand the Language and the Cultural Barriers and can easily communicat and negotiate on your behalf.

3. We put you project out to tender, so that we can attract the best service and deals from the best suppliers.

4. We will shortlist down the the best few suppliers and begin the negotiations with each supplier.

5. We conduct a Comprehensive verification process of each supplier

6. We will conduct spot checks on factories

7. Assess the suppliers:
- Management system and Personnel
- Compliance
- Capacity
- Experiance
- Delivery Ability

8. Dealit will arrange feasible product samples to the customer

9. We can assist in Factory Visits with our staff who will be able to help with any communications on your behalf.

10. We will verify a 100% Landed Price to your door. so you can start selling the goods even before they arrive.

11. We can assist with all ordering documnentation

12. Assist with all shipping proceedures

13. Assist with local logistics if required

We will supply you with a complete B2B Portfolio that has the following information:
- Manufacturers Full Details
- All price list supplied
- Contact Persons Names
- Cantact Numbers, Emails, Websites etc
- Company Structures
- Locations
- 100% Hand to Hand Intorduction

This way you can continue doing business beyond our introduction services is completed.

We DO NOT TAKE ANY COMMISSIONS on any projects we are working with. Our service is 100% in your favor.

Other firms will take a small commission which will result in the wrong suppliers being sourced and common affiliations being born.

We are indipendent of any suppliers, we only serv in our customer interest.

100% English Spoken and we have a team of Chinese Nationals who are both fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin.

Our Company has Head Office in Sydney Australia, and Sub Office in Hong Kong Central District and Also In Shenzhen Boan Guandong District.

We also Have Sub Agents in London, Malta and Pensylvania USA

Dont Risk dealing with Middleman and Shonky Suppliers.

Contact us today for a FREE Assessment on how we can help your needs

Email us at: info@dealit.com.au or check out our website:  www.dealit.com.au

Good Luck