With more than 23 years experience in the publishing and communications industry, we provide professional editing, writing, publishing and publishing services, website writing /  website content, SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ), blog writing, magazine article writing and editorial for client exposure, book design, advertising copy and camera-ready advertising design - to writers, authors, corporate clients and to small business in Kelowna, British Columbia, Vancouver, Victoria.

We also provide a full menu of kelowna publishing and design services, publicity and media relations, and social networking services to Okanagan book and magazine publishers, marketing companies and graphic design firms, corporations and non-profit organizations, and to various arts and educational institutions around British Columbia.

The message you convey, whether in copy writing, print advertising, on your website, or in direct promotional copy, represents the dependable, professional service you deliver. In today’s competitive marketplace it takes precise and thorough communication to maintain professional integrity and customer confidence.

•Good writing should be compelling, should have flow, and should possess consistency and ambition.
•Word economy is something that is often missed in promotional and professional writing.
•Skilled writing is a refined craft.

Dean Unger is a copy editor and text editor in Kelowna, British Columbia, providing professional editing, copy writing, publicity and news release services, Search Engine Optimization, web writing, and more across Canada.


Your time is important. At Unger & Knight Communications, located in Kelowna, British Columbia, we understand that increasing competition, client demands and prudent cost efficiency are commonplace in the vast and changing world of business. We take these factors into account to allow you to effectively and efficiently manage your time, staffing and other resources to maximize your competitive edge.

We specialize in editing existing content, creating specialized content that is targeted to your specific target audience, and in providing top-notch publishing and writing services, so you can be confident the job will be done properly and completed to your specifications.

From promotional copy to product and trade information and everything in between, we will work with you to craft your message or fine-tune your existing material.

“Through my career I've been honoured by many interesting people who have a story to tell, and have allowed me to tell their story in a meaningful way, for knowledge and posterity. This connection with my clients and associates is at the heart of what I do.”

Dean Unger