I've been writing about music and popular culture, and publishing and speaking in and on the media and communications industry for over twenty years. After graduating university I embarked upon a challenging career in investigative journalism, and over time, found my way to the magazine industry where I've been editor and feature writer for the last ten years. I've had work published in B.C. Musician, Gonzo Magazine, the Vancouver Sun, Globe and Mail, Bodysport Magazine, Okanagan Dining Guide, Okanagan Life Magazine, B.C. Historical Society Journal, both the B.C. and Canadian Wildlife Federation publications; had short stories published in The Malahat Review and Wild Life Magazine, and others. I managed an editorial and coverage team of photographers and writers at the 2009 Juno Awards in Vancouver, B.C. I've conducted international policy research, interviewed and written stories on high-profile personalities, crafted public relations campaigns for numerous companies and non-profit organizations, and worked in the multimedia industry conceptualizing and developing educational software. Through my career I've been honoured by many interesting people who have a story to tell and have allowed me to tell their story in a meaningful way, for knowledge and posterity. This connection with my clients and associates is at the heart of what I do.

Managing Editor, Bodysport Magazine 1999 - 2002
Editor-in-Chief, B.C. Musician Magazine 2006-2008
Editor-in-Chief, Gonzo - Music, Film & Culture 2008 - 2010
Editor-in-Chief, RV Traveler Magazine 2010 - 2012
Editor, B.C. Sport Fishing Guide - 2010 - 2012
Editor, 4WD Magazine - 2010 - 2012
Editor, Suncruiser Magazine (3 editions) - 2010 - 2012