Hay House has selected "What I Did On My Midlife Crisis Vacation" as a top finalist among thousands of entries in their INSIGHTS Nonfiction Contest.



This book was hilarious, yet thought-provoking! I went through my own midlife crisis of sorts, and I think I’d probably have taken the same path as Debbianne had I not been broke (LOL). What a great ride, thank you!  —Terri Kinckner

Loved this. Debbianne DeRose has hit a spiritual nerve here…which seems also to connect to the funny bone. She sifts through many paradigms to clarify her own truth about the nature of our reality. Her information is both personal and public, and she wears the hats of neophyte, old soul, skeptic, and choir member with equal ease. She is a New Age traveler channeling Erma Bombeck.  —Bruce Barth

Debbianne’s writing is delicious beyond words!  —K. Skinner