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"How I Met the Man of My Dreams: a Guide to MANifesting Yours" by Debbianne DeRose

Whether you’re new to the Woo or a veteran looking for a breakthrough, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more practical, fresh (or fresh-mouthed) look at the MANifestation process for single gals. So much more than just the metaphysical mechanics of rustlin’ up a mate, it’s about who you become in the undertaking.

"The MANifesting®  Workbook" by Debbianne DeRose

On the road to HookedUp City, this companion workbook to “How I Met the Man of My Dreams: a Guide to MANifesting Yours” is your roadside assistance—helping you navigate the Law of Attraction while removing those old self-imposed roadblocks and insidious detours.

These fun and surprisingly practical worksheets make it easy for you to apply the MANifesting® Process to your unique situation. Don’t worry if you’re not championing the cause just yet, because there’s a Hater’s Worksheet in here too. Start from wherever you’re at… and learn to earn the cooperation of your doubting, meddling mind as you journey through your consciousness, en route to Lover’s Lane.

"What I Did On My MIdlife Crisis Vacation" by Debbianne DeRose

...is a sassy memoir chronicling the author’s personal journey through a string of compelling adventures and ideologies of the woo-woo kind.  Her story begins with confusion and discontentment that catalyzes bold life changes and sends her roaming in search of magic, miracles, and a deeper grasp of the metaphysical nature of reality.  In a unique style akin to confessional reporting, she shares with you her keen insights into human behavior as you meet a plethora of colorful characters and occasional charlatans.  With some good belly laughs, she effectively sorts out the wheat from the chaff---both within herself and the New Age world she’s romping in.  It becomes an inadvertent healing pilgrimage full of expansive revelations, and through the process of en-lightening up she emerges clear-headed and self-empowered with inspiration to spare.


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