Tools for Happy Living has been created to offer to the public a wide variety of tools and reading material, from self-help to on- and off-line coaching services for finding Passion and Joy in Life.

Our intention is to continuously develop our offer by listening to the needs of our customers and visitors, creating new products and services that enhance customer experience in the area of shifting the perspective on one's present life, finding out what  can be done as well as supporting the move towards truly being and expressing  the unique person that every human is.

We are dedicated to this, because it is our passion to be in service to humanity and allowing individuals to take responsbility for their lives, take it in their  own hands and make every minute worthwile of living.

The owner of Tools for Happy Living has been in several companies and positions, working with many different people from various backgrounds and countries. Having been a friend, colleague, business partner, coach to so many people struggling in their jobs as well as personal lives there could be no other decision in the end than dedicating himself to serve as a coach and provider of accessible tools for improving quality of life.