It is Dialogues’ intention with Grow to provide a tool to help the individual integrate meaningfully with AI. Our intent is for this app to be a staple for any person’s communication, career, relationships, and mental health. As glasses improve one’s vision, and a compass improves one’s direction, we hope this app provides a distinct advantage in one’s communicative capacities and increases their opportunities in life.

We mean something very specific, and have a game design in mind. But for our purposes here, we can look at it as creating a tool that allows AI to pair well with a person’s individual development. Corporations are primed to use and benefit from AI because of their resources, developed communication channels, and data repositories. But the individual loses power in this situation, and it is possible for people to adopt a behavior, such as collecting and harboring their own data that, then, can start to give them the benefits AI has to offer. On the other side of the continued evolution of this game, we ought to see greater diversity in the organizations around us, as well as increased social and economic opportunities for the individual, and, finally, at the individual level, a preservation of the eccentric qualities of each person and where they come from, rather than the constant assimilation, and casting aside of character traits, to necessarily adjust to the common traits of the group.