Jill, the founder of Discover Denver Bus Tours, and her husband, Matt, met while both were living in Sydney, Australia in 2003, and they have spent the years since then traveling around the world to 56 countries and counting, whenever they had the chance, around their full-time jobs.

Their favorite, most memorable, and most meaningful way to connect with and appreciate the local cultures of the cities they traveled to, was through walking tours. Their love of travel, love of their own city, love of being outside, and love of sharing and connecting with people from all over the world led to the launch of Denver Walking Tours, followed by the launch of Discover Denver Bus Tours. Our mission is to provide visitors and locals with access to great small group bus tours, and be able to explore our beautiful city with a local.

We are humbled to have hosted over 42,000 guests on tours over the past five years.

At our core, we are storytellers dedicated to creating amazing memories for our guests as we explore the great sights, landmarks, and history that make our Mile High City so unique.

"We believe that everyone should have access to a great tour experience, and be able to explore our beautiful city's sights and the stories behind them, which is why we launched Discover Denver Tours. Our amazing team of ten diverse, local guides offers high-quality, interactive bus tours. Whether you're a visitor or a local in our Mile High City, we would love the opportunity to have you on tour! Have some fun, meet other amazing people from all over the world, and get a true insiders perspective, a true appreciation of our culture. Plus, we give great local recommendations.

We live in downtown Denver, love the city, and only wished there were daily Denver bus tours available back when we moved to beautiful Colorado years ago to give us the scoop on all the great sights, history, culture, and fun places to check out around town.  

We've surrounded ourselves with a team of amazing, diverse, local guides who are incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about Denver and the history, architecture, and landmarks that make Denver and LoDo our home. We look forward to helping you make great memories and have a fun time exploring Denver."