Dish of the Day (DishoftheDay.com.au) is a social cooking competition site for everyone. In a simple term, it's an online "cook off" site. It's not a recipe site. We let you share, showcase and compete with your Dishes against thousands of Aussies everday. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Dish of the Day beta was launched in Nov 2010.

Our Aim
We aim at providing a competition venue for people to share, showcase and compete with their Dishes against others in order to sharpen their cooking skills and be rewarded.

What we provide
We provide an online platform for people to share and showcase their Dishes easily. The platform is extremely easy to use. We also run Dish Challenges to let people compete with their Dishes for great prizes. At Dish of the Day, you will earn Dish Points and be promoted to higher Dish Level. This is a recognition system for everyone and to encourage each user to create and cook better Dishes and learn from those who are more experienced.