DiFi Hawahii, a Military Veteran and the CEO of DivaFiva International has signed up once again for a whole new call to “DUTY’, this time it isn’t fighting against the bad guys with military training and weapons, she’s fighting with ALL the women in the world against the baggage that L.I.F.E leaves women feeling.

In arms with her is the beautiful forces of S.P.A - a slumber party S.P.A tour. Where every woman can get a RECHARGE from the outside flowing to the inside.

As a military veteran and a mother of an autistic child... DiFi, understood the battles and have lived the struggles that women face as a whole - They sacrifice themselves mentally, emotionally and physically for everyone else and everything else.

Through personal experience in break downs it became a passion and a movement of hers to "Promote all women to S.P.A everyday" - Self. Prioritize. Aware of Herself .... A True Testimony!

As women she believes they share commonalities down to the DNA as mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters, wives and care takers. DiFi have accepted responsibility to stand in the gap with each other and for each other, overcoming and breaking-through barriers that women are confronted with in … L.I.F.E

Leading hectic, highly demanding, and constant on the go lives; never having any or allocating any real downtime for themselves, however this SOLDIER stand to change that epidemic one woman at a time –

But, need the support of others as she set out for her mission! Please connect AND support DivaFiva International today to support this soldier on her new call to DUTY!!!      http://rkthb.co/59422      972-292-8446