dopios is a community marketplace where travelers can discover authentic experiences curated by locals. Users can get travel tips before they go, plan adventures for their next vacation, and meet new friends. www.dopios.com
Our hope is that when you travel, you see more than the airports and your hotel room. Even if you only have a day or two, we want you to leave having lived the destination - with new stories to tell, friends to come back and visit, and the feeling that you actually ‘got away’.

Let's create an amazing community of people who have the time and desire to show visitors the true colors of a place. Let's open up every last square mile of this world to be safe, unique and breathtaking to step onto. Let's make traveling better and let's never look back. We have the means and we have the passion to do so.
Company Overview
dopios (which means "local" in Greek) is a new community marketplace that connects travelers and locals in order to create more authentic travel experiences. We will be rolling out in select cities around the world, beginning with Athens, San Francisco, Istanbul and more.
dopios is taking travelers beyond the guidebook and plugging them into the true experiences of their destinations.

Don’t spend your next trip in the hotel room, explore the hidden gems of each city with your very own personal guide. Not sure what to pack? Get free advice from locals on what to bring, where to stay, how to make sure your cellphone will work, and much more!

Why did we create dopios? Because we’re travellers too! We noticed that every time we got home from a trip and were showing our pictures to family and friends, we’d skim through the one’s of the usual tourist sites and then stop. We’d see a picture of one of us with an interesting looking character, or a quirky shop filled with unique treasures. The difference? It was no longer just a picture - it was a story. dopios provides the opportunity for travellers everywhere to connect with locals and create their own stories.

Don’t just travel to your next destination. Live it. With dopios.


Travelers are able to:
- Have all their questions answered by a local (ex. which neighborhood is safe to stay?) before arriving at their destination.
- Book unique experience packages with a local of their choice (ex. a traditional dinner with the local’s family)
- Access extra services to take the stress out of travelling (ex. call the local for help while traveling)

Locals benefit by:
- Earning extra income doing what they love to do.
- Sharing the knowledge and expertise they have about their city and country.
- Making friends with travellers from all over the world and integrating into a global community.