Dottedlink.com is an online subscription platform created to assist small business owners and entrepreneurs connect with and better understand angel investors and their investment requirements.

The Dottedlink platform works by having angel investors answer a basic set of questions related to the companies they’re interested in financing. The information collected through the angel investor survey is then used to compile detailed reports for entrepreneurs to use.

This allows entrepreneurs that are looking for an investment, have been rejected for an investment or entrepreneurs who would like to improve their businesses/business plans the opportunity to mull over an investors’ requirements and make improved adjustments to their businesses where necessary.

Doing so improves their businesses and increases their chances of obtaining funding should they require it.

For a minimal monthly fee of $5, entrepreneurs receive unlimited access to reports drafted by the Dottedlink team. Reports are released regularly with updated information from a wide range of angel investors from different regions.

Angel investors can take our survey through the following this link: https://dottedlink.com/investor-survey/

Entrepreneurs can sign up for a membership through the following link: https://dottedlink.com/membership-signup/