The National Individual Development Fund Association (NIDFA), established in 2011, is a non profit organization comprised of compassionate individuals dedicated to keeping the dream of home ownership alive.   Since 2009, inspired by popular individual development accounts (IDA’s), numerous legal advisers, real estate and business professionals have volunteered their time and talents in the ultimate development of the individual development fund program, which officially launched in January 2012.

The NIDFA acts as a clearinghouse and policy enforcement agency for IDF programs certified by the NIDFA.  We are instrumental in developing the framework for uniformity and standardization for IDF programs to ensure viability and integrity as programs grow in number and use.  As IDF forerunners, our objective is to look out for the best interest others by upholding a Gold Standard of Excellence for program sponsors and participants.

This endeavour has truly been a labor of love, as the NIDFA is not a designated 501 (3)(c) organization and receives no public or government funding.  By foregoing public and government funding, IDF programs can help potential home buyers regardless of their economic status, income, or home ownership history.  We believe it is essential for the private sector to help stabilize local economies through the support and encourage of financial empowerment for ALL.  The creation of IDF programs is just one practical piece to this puzzle.  In practice, the NIDFA seeks to establish partnerships with nonprofit and for-profit organizations as well as industry professionals to support this effort.