There are not many African-Americans or women writers in the Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Occult Fiction genres.  However, these genres have been a passion of Dakarai Noshell Yuko’s for as long as she can remember.  She has an affinity for writing multicultural stories with realistic characters and strong female leads, as well as unconventional poetry.

D. K. N. Yuko is no stranger to having interests considered unusual for a strong, African-American woman growing up in the heart of Atlanta, GA.  Born and raised Wiccan, D. K. N. Yuko developed a love for all things magical at an early age.  Her late mother was a writer and crafter, and instilled in Ms. Yuko a robust love of books and all things creative that will last a lifetime.

Ms. Yuko is a fresh, emerging author/poet/musician/singer-songwriter, and new mother.  Currently, she attends the Academy of Art University in San Francisco Online, where she is avidly pursuing a BFA in Motion Pictures and Television.

Please, check back often for the new rock/alternative CD/Mp3 by D. K. N. Yuko’s band.  Also, check Smashwords for electronic titles by D. K. N. Yuko.  Blessed be.