It’s an exciting time for meditation! For starters, you won’t find cutesy vocals that kids, especially teens, find condescending, nor do we recommend sitting cross-legged with incense burning in the air. The DreamyKid guided mindfulness app offers approachable meditations to guide children and teens through a myriad of issues, complex to simple - it focuses on challenges that affect kids only. For example, with only ten minutes of meditation per day, studies have shown an 89% improvement in children who suffer from attention deficit disorder. We believe the science so far is only the tip of the iceberg!

What else improves with a regular meditation practice? Clarity and calmness are a given, but regular “mindfulness” improves symptoms in children who suffer from anxiety, depression, panic disorder, OCD, emotional unbalances, muscle tensity, lethargy and insomnia - to name a few. The app offers a minimum of three new meditation programs per month (upcoming guided meditations include: Coping With Divorce, Technology Addiction, Pre-Sports readiness) at only $3.99/program with one that is always released for free.

As schools continue to integrate yoga into their curriculum, our goal is to see mindful meditation on the national curriculum by 2020. That is why founder, Ty Wenzel, is offering DreamyKid for free to any organization (schools, hospitals, yoga and meditation centers) that works towards helping children. She encourages their contacting her to set-up and implement their program.

“A great way to start using the DreamyKid app right out of the box is to replace detention with a mindfulness program. It’s so easy,” says Ms. Wenzel, founder of DreamyKid. “All that’s needed is a bluetooth speaker and the app installed on a mobile phone. Imagine how much kids will love detention if they get to quiet their mind and feel comfortable in their own skin instead of being thown into a degrading situation. In fact, stop calling it ‘detention’ and start calling it the ‘Meditation Room.’ It’s a wonderful way for children to self-regulate and detach from the negative moment they are experiencing in just ten minutes or less.”

The story of DreamyKid began in the West Village in NYC circa 1993 when founder, Ty Wenzel, experienced a debilitating life-changing episode of depression preceded by panic disorder. Her doctor suggested yoga, and although it helped, it didn’t completely alleviate the scary symptoms that kept her isolated in her apartment.


Ms. Wenzel was a year into taking Xanax to function when she discovered an audio cassette by Shakti Gawain – a pioneer in the “guided visualization” technique. In only a few weeks of daily guided visualizations, she was able to stop taking all medications to function day-to-day. The seed of DreamyKid took shape just as the internet and mobile phones were becoming mainstream. After a stint as a Marketing Director for a large company in the Hamptons, she decided it was time.


Improvements have been found for children suffering from:

Anxiety, Depression, Panic Disorder, Poor Grades, OCD, Aggression, Truancy, ADD/ADHD, Memory Problems, High-Risk Behavior, Social-Emotional Issues, Fatigue and much more.

iPhone: http://appsto.re/us/_ocofb.i

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=kid.dreamy.android.com.dreamykid