Dr. Fred Jones
Speaker | Author | Worthologist

As one of the nation’s leading experts in law, leadership, and publishing strategies, Dr. Fred Jones is a notable international speaker, college professor and published author.

Dr. Jones regularly speaks on the topics of confidence, the art of self-publishing, business law secrets and strengthening the family.

Dr. Jones is an in-demand speaker and author of 6 books. He currently serves as both lawyer and college professor, teaching the rules and applications of ethical life practices to both students and clients.

He is an expert in helping leaders leave a legacy, find their voice, and publish their stories.  He most recently created his “Signature Publishing System”  “The Art of Self-Publishing” A Modern Day Author’s Quick Start Tool Kit.  Dr. Jones assists everyday individuals to write and publish their stories.  He serves as a worthologist and a publishing strategist who helps ladies walk in their worth, value their voice, and share their story.

Dr. Jones is a United States Supreme Court attorney and a member of the Louisiana State Bar. He was the personal attorney for a client in a victorious, landmark U.S. Supreme Court case, just a few years ago.

He has used his knowledge and experience in law to coordinate the Business Law and Ethics program at Kennesaw State University at Kennesaw, Georgia.
Dr. Jones currently serves as the Chair of the Division of Human Behavior.  During his tenure in education, Dr. Jones has taught more than 10,000 students and given more than 1,000 speeches and lectures.

To learn how to amplify your voice and leave a legacy, join the movement at www.DrFredJones.Com  TODAY!