Anthony van Tonder is the Founder and Director of Family LifeChange Centre SA, a Section 21, Non Profit Organisation since 2001. He left one of the major Retail Groups in SA as Divisional Ops Manager after 19 years. He was awarded several accolades such as Divisional Operations Manager of the Year, Most Profitable Region and others. Whilst based in Durban SA, he functioned as Chairman of the Central Business District, an initiative of the Durban Chamber of Commerce.

His forte is, quote:  ‘getting results through people’. He has a passion to Train, Develop and Equip any person who wants to unleash their personal potential. He serves as mentor to several Business Unit Leaders and Senior Pastors.

His personal calling statement is ‘Shaping YOU for significance,’ whilst believing in the principle “Give a man a fish to eat and you still his hunger, teach a man to fish and he is fed for life.”

In the Training field Anthony has equipped Companies such as Edgars, Specsavers, De Marigne and Lello, Basil Read Construction, Jet stores, Telkom and others.

He is an Associated Trainer for the John Maxwell MLM Leadership Curriculum on National Level, through Walk Thru the Bible and serves as a qualified trainer for World Teach South Africa. Accolades: Equipper of the Year (x 2), Timothy Award and Million Leaders Mandate Award. He also functions as a trainer in relationship building and teamwork, with special emphasis on sharpening of people skills.

He is an accredited trainer for the radically fresh LEMON Leadership Types.

Anthony is part of the PSA- Professional Speakers Association Southern Africa at professional level and is involved with The Christian Entrepreneur to solicit members via Business Breakfasts, focusing on the Samrand/Midstream SA Chapter.

Anthony specialises in assisting Business and Large Corporations through the methodology of Synergistic Learning. He has just released his first Business DVD as start of a series. The title available: ‘Want to be RICH or want WEALTH? - You Choose.’

He is also a registered member of SABIA Vow Awards.

He served on the Task Team of Marriage Alliance SA (MASA), where he was approached to facilitate a National Family Consultation. He currently serves at National level with the Department of Social Development to collectively strategize the future of families in our country. He serves as Advisory Board Member on the Association of Christian Counselors in SA (ACC in SA). He also serves on the Board of the National Centre for Fathering (NCF) for Africa, with Dr David Molapo’s ‘I CAN Foundation’.
Anthony is an ordained Pastor who serves Inter-denominationally through Church Coalition International (CCI). He is a Christian Family Counselor, re-focusing couples on their covenant commitment to marriage. He is regarded as a Relationship expert and functions as a Future Solution Therapist.

He is known for his work through the medium of radio, with interaction on Radio Kingfisher, Lotus FM, RSG and Channel 7–Namibia. He has had daily programs on Good News Community Radio, Radio Kwezi, Highway Radio and currently has a weekly Family program on Radio Pulpit. He has served as International speaker on Family, Marriage and Leadership in the countries of SA, Namibia, Malawi, England and the USA.

Anthony and his wife Michelle are the developers of the Family Degree Series. Anthony is the author of ‘How to get your Dad Degree’. The book has to date, sold over 12000 copies. Government Department Social Development had approved major financial grants to support the Fatherhood and Motherhood Programme, using Dad Degree, and his spouse’s book Mom Degree as teaching foundation. The revised versions have been released which includes a workbook at the back of the book.

He is a regular contributor for magazines such as Joy, Sarie, Lig, De Vico, The Bridal Magazine and newspapers such as The Vessel, The Sun, Christian News, The Mustard Seed and Network Organisations such as Cross Connections and I Do,I Do.

They have developed the first video course of its nature in the country on blended families called ‘Breakthrough Steps to Step - Parenting.’ Anthony appeared on TBN (South Africa) teaching on the topic and the series was aired on God TV. They are also the presenters of the “How to DVD Series” on topics such as ‘How to Apply the Five Love Languages, How to Manage Anger, How to Resolve Conflict, How to Manage Differences, How to Communicate Effectively, How to Build Trust in Marriage and How to Nurture Intimacy in Marriage. This series is known as an effective self-help solution of the 7 most common Family and Marriage problem areas and was aired on the TV Channels Spirit Word, Judah Christian Network, God Channel, Solid Rock TV and they appeared on 1 Gospel with Dr David Molapo.

Anthony and Michelle live in Pretoria, SA. Their four children have all left home and are all married and six grandchildren.