After 26 years of passionately practicing dentistry, Dr. Kirk Kimmerling created the ultimate dental practice. Verde Pointe Dental Associates is designed to achieve the pinnacle when it comes to patients’ experience while at the same time giving back to the community and mentoring newcomers to the trade. Dr. Kimmerling may see 85 patients a week, or 3 patients every hour, but each patient is made to feel as though they are the only one.
  Dr. Kimmerling has a philosophy of giving each patient what they need and want in terms of technical ability, honesty and wellbeing. Their success and skill is evident from the thriving Cobb County practice. “The team is as passionate as I am; I will tolerate no less. They understand that a healthy and stunning smile is not only an outward reflection of who each person is, but also an inward expression of each person’s self image,” says Kimmerling. A Marietta native, He is a graduate of McEachern High School, Emory University and Emory University’s Dental School.
  Many of Dr. Kimmerling’s patients have been coming to him for over twenty five years. Even after moving away due to job transfers or relocation to another part of town, patients fly in or make the long commute because they appreciate his passion for excellent dental care. The ultimate compliment is when customers give him the reward of a referral. It tells him that patients respect him enough to tell others that he cares and does a great job.
  The gifts of compassion, caring and talent run in the family. When Kimmerling realized that the Calvary orphanage operates solely on donations and that their mission is to keep orphaned sibling together, he stepped up to handle their dental needs.As if that isn’t enough, Dr. Kimmerling donates services to indigent children in the Cobb County School System. Dr. Kimmerling discreetly does what needs to be done.Other altruistic contributions include dental organizations such as the CR Foundation, a dental research company. The foundations mission is to identify the outstanding products, techniques, and equipment for delivery of oral care through laboratory and clinical research. This is in keeping with Dr. Kimmerling’s vision of mentoring the trade for future generations.
  Dr. Kimmerling’s passion for dentistry is so great that he feels driven to pass that fervor along to other dentists. “I want to accelerate the educational process of young dentists. They will have a faster learning curve as I mentor them. And, ultimately this will benefit the community as they expand into other areas and neighborhoods,” Kimmerling says.
   Dr. Kimmerling’s dental practice is a showcase in every sense of the word. Only the best technology available is good enough for his patients. It means less time in the chair, shorter procedures, better products, heightened efficiency, more comfortable experience, more affordability because of the time factor and ultimately happier patients.
“I am a firm believer that it is essential to invest in technology. I am driven to reinvest in myself and my practice on a continuous basis,” says Kimmerling. As they receive care in one of the 13 operatories, patients can easily review their treatment options on one flat-screen television and enjoy a show on another. The latest iTero impression system takes a digital impression for something like a crown and sends a three-dimensional image to the lab. This does away with the putty impressions that patients find unpleasant.The doctor operatories are equipped with lights capable of the fastest curing of composites available. Each operatory is outfitted with the latest in lighting, X-ray machines, dental equipment, sterilization supplies and computer software. The system alerts staff a patient has arrived and indicates when a patient is seated, checks out or leaves. The integrated computer system, through a dedicated server, sends and receives information such as patient charts, radiographs, referral letters and patient schedules quickly, safely and efficiently.Every piece of technology and equipment is designed to provide a highly accurate, highly hygienic and highly efficient experience.
   The team at Verde Pointe Dental associates truly believes those looking for the ultimate dental experiences will find it at this practice. If you look in the dictionary you will find the definition of passion as follows: Passion — /pash-uhn]a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for something. This is what Dr. Kirk Kimmerling, his associates, his team and his practice are all about; highly efficient, high-tech, modern dentistry in a highly efficient, high-tech, and beautifully modern facility.
3698 Largent Way, Suite 202, Marietta, GA 30064
Mon,Tues, Wed, Thurs: 8:00am – 6:00pm
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