Are you frustrated by running from specialist to specialist, only to end up confused and discouraged?

What kind of life could you lead if you finally resolved your chronic health issues?

Have you been searching for friendly, affordable professionals focused on your total wellness?

Welcome to the Darien Center for Integrative Medicine

The Darien Center for Integrative Medicine (DCIM) is dedicated to giving you back your life by using the latest diagnostic evaluation methods and non-drug therapies along with conventional medicine. Our staff is made up of experienced and committed professionals in:

            * Chiropractic Neurology  
            * Functional Medicine
            * Clinical Nutrition
            * Acupuncture
            * Integrative Healing (Massage, Meditation)
            * Aesthetics & Anti-Aging

Our unique team approach to healing provides you with comprehensive evaluation and treatments to advance you toward our singular goal: to restore your active and healthy lifestyle.

The DCIM addresses all aspects of health and wellness—neurological, structural, biochemical, and lifestyle—as well as the emotional and environmental roots underlying them. We don’t mask symptoms with drugs; instead, we use focused testing and evidence-based natural therapies to correct the problems causing the symptoms. We form partnerships with our patients, so you can start to feel good again.