With Asian director Scott Tamura, whom Shayne had hired out of pity after Tamura was orphaned by a Godzilla attack on Tokyo, and photographer Ryan Taylor, a Blackfoot Indian whose main qualification was that his grandfather’s spirit was once trapped in a Polaroid Land Camera, production on a new series of films began.

DTS Entertainment was an almost immediate success, with the SPITBALLIN’ and DOCTOR WHAT series, reaching its pinochle with the move to Widescreen HD in 2009, with ALL THIS AND NOTHING TOO, and 16: 9 SUNSET BLVD.

At this time, John “Jay” Brennan, a wise-cracking New York comedy writer with a penchant for lifting gags from Abbott and Costello TV shows and passing them off as his own, was hired to share the scripting load with Shayne.

Also added was a talented canine star, Celine, who became an instant hit with fans for her ability to flawlessly perform stolen Abbott and Costello material, penned by wise-cracking New York comedy writers passing it off as their own.

The resulting films were DTS Entertainment’s most successful, ever. Such as, HOLLYWOOD REMEMBERS (2010), SPITBALLIN’ 3 (2010), and BREAKING EVEN (2011), HOLLYWOOD REMEMBERS 2 (2011) and SMARTEN UP! (2011).

In 2012, the highly successful webseries, BREAKING EVEN ~ The Series, was launched, with many name guest stars, such as LAURA AGUINAGA, JAMIE O'ROURKE, and RENE RIVA.  Seven episodes were produced.

Also in 2012, the studio had its biggest hit to date with GHOST OF THE INVISIBLE SPOOK, a send-up of B-1940's horror films, which spawned two equally successful sequels, BRIDE OF THE GHOST OF THE INVISIBLE SPOOK, and SON OF THE GHOST OF THE INVISIBLE SPOOK, in 2013 and 2014.

Two hugely popular slapstick shorts, SUNNYSIDE DOWN and CHEATING HONESTLY, were also released in 2013 and 2014, respectively.

For 2015, DTS ENTERTAINMENT will present, SHAYNE OF THE JUNGLE, an African safari comedy, BROADSIDED, a mobster style farce, co-starring Derek and Laura Aguinaga, and an as yet untitled parody of B-grade 1950s science fiction movies.