The phrase “Dunewhore” came about one early morning at Glamis Dunes, wash 6 to be exact, at round 8 am during a Thanksgiving weekend. I woke up to the sound of sand rails, side by sides, and ATV’s, excited for another great day of dunning. I walked out of the trailer to be over whelmed with super hot chicks all dressed up to go play in the dunes. It was my first trip to Glamis needless to say. My wife and her friend joined me outside the trailer and both were talking with one another while I sat there quietly gazing at the views.

My wife, Melissa, said, “Are you looking at that Dunewhore?” It wasn’t until around two years later that we decided to turn that phrase into our company name and start a business dedicated to providing high quality products to the average sand enthusiast. We are normal people with regular jobs, just trying to enjoy life after work in the dunes.

DWI has a unique logo & name and are proud of it.  We offer off road apparel and novelty items.  We have a sense of humor and if you do, you will like our products.  We have shirts, hats, lighters, stickers, shot glasses, party favors, and novelty items. We are considered offensive in some circles.  Our brand is fun and unconventional.  We love off roading and love to laugh.  

Anyone can submit photos or video through our blog.  We also accept submissions for DW of the Month and Ride of the Month.  DWI offers an off road blog designed to help off road enthusiast with a variety of topics: insurance, DMV, build information, product information, etc.

We accept photos through our online form of people who are interested in being DW of The Month.  Anyone can apply.  We will screen all photos before they are released onto the website.  All photos must be PG 13 to be on our website.  

DWI does have pictures and video of DW off road Hayabusa powered sand car on our website/blog.  This car has since been sold and we are working on a new project.  The new project is a Sand Limo with an Acura 3.2 L engine.  We are posting updates regularly regarding the new DWI Sand Car project.

We also have a DWI truck.  This has become somewhat of a company icon.  We get complaints about this thing all the time.  We love our logo and name so much we plastered it all over this F250 diesel.  To see pictures of this beast, please visit dunewhore.com.

DWI makes an effort to be active within the sand sports industry.  We will be attending at least 3 shows a year.  We are planning on going to the Sand Sports Super Show in 2011.  We are also looking to expand into other industries as well and are looking at attending the Exxxotica show in La in 2011.

We are readily available to our users, customers, supports and fans.  You can access us though our contact form; this contact form goes directly to our e-mail address.  DWI also has a Facebook fan page, Twitter page, Myspace page, and glamisdunes.com page.  We check all of these social media outlets on a regular basis.  Each day we look forward to interacting with our customers and supporters through these mediums.