Established in 2012, the Duodu London urban collection of
abstract apparel is designed by Danny Kay Duod.
From the designer's London studio, the unique, tribal-like
designs are hand-drawn using calligraphic pens and
Chinese inks. The detail behind the designs is likened to
tattoo artwork – with an aboriginal edge.
Danny's final images are screen printed onto a range of carefully
selected soft, organic cotton fabrics. Some are also
finished with official Swarovski crystals to add a little
sparkle to the final product.

Designer Danny Kay Duod grew up in Ghana, where from
a young age, using his own designs, he began to
personally explore the process of screen printing onto
cloth. It was then that he set up a small business selling
his prints to women in the local community, who would
then sew the designs into various items of clothing. From
this sparked Danny's interest in apparel design and

Danny moved to the UK where he studied graphic design
and architecture, then in 2012,
Duodu London was founded.
The brand is named after Danny's late mother  –
Duodu London's biggest fan.
The brand prides itself on its production of comfortable,
high quality, yet affordable, garments. The customer is
guaranteed total care from design to distribution of each
item of clothing.