Todd Skinner, Brand Marketing Expert Announces New, Innovative Electronic Business Impressions!

Malibu business owner, Todd Skinner announces the launch of a new electronic correspondence company, E2b Business Impressions. The online business provides customized, personalized e-greetings, e-blasts, e-thank you’s, social media pages and online ads to the customer all with only one link at one low price!

“I noticed the need for individual, customized e-mailers that weren’t being used for mass e-mailing.” said Skinner. “There just wasn’t anything out there like that, so I started making my own and using them in my business correspondence. The next thing I knew, people were asking me to customize one for them.”

Skinner then realized he could use his custom e-mailer as a Facebook landing page with an easy copy and paste step, making the electronic product multi-functional. “Most custom landing pages cost hundreds of dollars, an E2b only cost $30 and can be used as your social media landing page, your e-mailer or your online advertising, making it affordable for everyone.”

E2bme.com provides the customer with an easy to use online form to choose from templates such as Rock Star, Pro, Techie and Innovator. Those who want extra pictures or a different design can create their own layout for an additional fee.  

WHEN: online 24 hours a day 7 days a week
WHERE: http://www.e2bme.com

Mr. Skinner is available for interviews at 310.498.6706