eTiqueMarket provides an online marketplace catering to serious and focused antiques and collectibles dealers who are looking for an online venue focused on their industry. The objective is to house merchandise across the broadly defined collectibles domain to include antiques, art, collectibles, books, jewelry, stamps, coins, and replacements. In addition space is available for listing historical homes and eTiques related businesses which are for sale.

Merchants are selected for inclusion based upon their commitment to high standards of ethics, quality of merchandise, and quality of presentation.

The website also features community related interests such as articles on various collectibles categories plus an interactive community forum eTiqueCommunity which is hosted at a separate url www.etiquecommunity.com. This auxilliary site allows users to engage in discussion forums as well as to host special interest groups of their own.

The website aims to be primarily a commercial enterprise for dealers but also adds items of general interest germane to the field of collecting.

eTiqueMarket is committed to allowing almost any collecting category including taboos of other larger sites.

There are two main pricing options for services - the traditional monthly invoice process or a monthly subscription. The advantage of the monthly subscription is that it allows the seller to lock in discounts on the listing services.

eTiqueMarket specializes in smaller dealers who have been edged out of the larger sites or lost among the clutter of used tennis shoes and concert tickets. For those looking for a dedicated site for etiques eTiqueMarket is the first choice.