Earth Heart® has built a reputation for designing safe, affordable and effective natural remedies for people, places and pets. All products are made in the USA, responsibly formulated with 100% pure essential oils, packaged in BPA-free recyclable containers, safe and easy to use in your home, shelter, business and travels. Earth Heart® is a proud sponsor of IJA Rescue Me Rodeos, Anderson Animal Shelter and Lost Pet Prevention Month.

Earth Heart practices Responsible Aromatherapy™:
•     Situations (and dogs) are unique: Using a highly diluted product allows you to control the amount and frequency of dosage to use the least amount needed for the desired result.
•     Resource protection: Diluting essential oils prevents the overharvesting of plants from both overuse and exploitation of depressed economies.
•     Protect physical health: Some essential oils are irritating to skin and mucous membranes when used in high concentrations.
•     Less is more: Trained (certified, registered, clinical) aromatherapists promote minimal exposure to prevent sensitization through controlled dosage and dilution.
•     Cost effective: Diluting essential oils is not only safer, it's also more affordable.

For more information, visit EarthHeartInc.com or contact Vicki Rae Thorne at vicki@earthheartinc.com or 847-551-1806.