Eden Media

"God our Saviour wants everyone to be saved and to know the whole truth."

1 Timothy 2:3-4

God's loving engagement with his children begins in paradise in the Garden of Eden. At the end of the world Jesus will take his children with him to paradise in the new Garden of Eden.

Eden Christian Media is an interdenominational publisher of good and accessible religious books. We want to equip, comfort and encourage the faithful.

Eden Christian Media believes in one holy and catholic Christian Church and the fellowship of the faithful. Therefore we believe churches are spiritually one body with Jesus Christ as its head. We publish Christian books that are acceptable to most churches. We are situated in Cape Town, South Africa.

Eden Christian Media begins with the book Walk the Walk - Eight Essentials to Living the Christian Life by Calvin M. Hooper. It is a practical guide to the fulfillment of Christ's call to discipleship. Hooper discusses living the Christian life according to the acronym DISCIPLE - discipline, involvement, Bible study, commitment, integrity, prayer, loving others and endurance.

Walk the Walk is ideal for Christians who want to know what Jesus expects from his disciples. It is a valuable guide to discipleship that can be used for Bible study by groups. It is also very suitable for the youth ministry, as a course in discipleship and for workshops. A list of questions is published at the end of each chapter for discussion and revision.

People who want to know more about the Christian faith or people that were converted recently can use Walk the Walk as a vital introduction to practical Christianity.